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The Collio

The Collio, extreme Northeastern Italian appendix, in the heart of the new Europe, nestled between Austria, Slovenia, the Julian Alps, near the Adriatic Sea and framed to the East by the river Judrio and to the South by the river Isonzo is a succession of rolling hills punctuated by small towns and from specialized vineyards for approximately 1500 acres.


Borderland full of charm, energy and mystery, thanks to the multiplicity of ethnic groups, Friulian, Slovenian and Austrian historically guarantors of fundamental principles such as mixing, tolerance and integration.

Here they come together and coexist dishes that reflect the influence of central Europe such as Hungary, Slovenia, Austria and Greece, creating dishes from the typical taste that express suggestively the different roots.

The mild climate that characterizes this piece of land is a mosaic of benevolent factors for the wine: warm currents of the Adriatic Sea, which keep the grapes dry and the mountains to the north, which protect it from cold currents.

The soil, composed of stratified marl and sandstone of oceanic origin, called Ponca, gives nourishment and mineral wealth to the screws, giving to the wines, the characteristic mark of minerality and salinity that makes them unique.